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Actor Michael Shannon watched “Oscar” in a bar with beer and without sound

Michael Shannon watched the “Oscar” awarding ceremony with alcohol in his hands and with the TV in silent mode. The actor, who played one of the main roles in “The Shape of the Water,” spent an evening at the Old Town Ale House in Chicago.

Usually Shannon lives in Brooklyn and appears on the Oscar, but this year he directs the production of “The Traitor” at the Red Orchid Theater on the same name by Brett Neveu. Shannon finished working only on Sunday night, March 4, so he attended the ceremony “in absentia”: went to a well-known institution of Old Town Ale House across the street from the theater. He ordered himself a drink and watched “Oscar” on TV with subtitles, because the bar played music.

“Michael Shannon looks like the film” The Shape of the Water “, in which he played, receives a statuette for the” best film “while he sits in Old Town Ale House. No sound from the TV, only subtitles. And of course the machine with music played, and the beer foamed. Where else would you like to spend an Oscar night? “

Shannon has been a member of Red Orchid since 1993. It was this theater that gave birth to his film career, so the actor regularly returns and participates in productions.


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