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Pizza Hut released sneakers with the ability to order pizza and put the TV on pause

The chain of restaurants Pizza Hut released “smart” sneakers The Pie Tops II. They will become part of the March Madness advertising campaign.

In Pizza Hut they did not tell us exactly how “smart shoes” are arranged. However, they said that using the right sneaker Pie Tops II it will be possible to order pizza: the button on the tab connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

The button in the left sneaker puts the TV on pause. The company explained that it will work with most tv-receivers, such as Spectrum, DirecTV and not only.

Sneakers will be released in limited edition. The shoe maker was Shoe Surgeon. The price of shoes is unknown, but 50 pairs can be bought through a special website , and the rest of the sneakers will be distributed in social networks Pizza hut. They will be available in two colors: red and “wheat”

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