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Authors of pre-election stickers for “VKontakte” launched a site for creating clips “for adults”

Community “Only for adults” in “VKontakte”, which conducts election campaign, launched a site for creating first-person video clips “with the participation” of users. The group was made by the agency BlackLight, which acts as a partner of Maxim magazine and the social network. A link to the community is posted on the site of the video.

The site can be authorized only through “VKontakte”, the user requires access to public information and his photos. The site loads the avatar profile into the social network and in a few minutes generates a 1.5-minute video. The idea of ​​the video is taken from the video clip The Prodigy ” Smack My Bitch Up “.

The authors of the project explained that with the help of this video, the potential voter “felt really grown-up.” According to the plot, the main character should feel so as long as he shows the rights, passes the exam, is removed in a candid photo shoot, tattooed, goes to the club and finds a partner for sex. At the end he comes to the station and sees yesterday’s partner in the election commission, who asks him: “What to do, you know?”.


In the video, banners about the elections on March 18 are shown several times.

Also the protagonist thumbs Maxim magazine with the “VKontakte” emblem. The press service of the social network said TJ that they did not participate in the creation of the video.

Community “Adult” was known in late February, when it released its own electoral stickers “Election Girl” with the girls who called to go to the polls. Maxim magazine called the group “a partner project, concluded on special terms.”

The artist Valery Fortuna accused the authors of “Election Girl” of plagiarism. Representatives of the magazine, who denied involvement in the creation of stickers and said that they came up with “VKontakte”, recognized the authorship of the artist on outsourcing. Later sotsset removed stickers for copyright infringement.

On the Internet, Russians are agitating to come to the vote much more actively than in the previous elections. Among the tools of attraction are advertising and memes in social networks, propaganda videos from controversial producers and hashtags in Instagram. Sociologists predicted a record low turnout.

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