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Artists turned the New York Museum into an exhibition with augmented reality without the permission of management

The unification of anonymous artists called “MoMAR” opened an exhibition of augmented reality in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Two hours before the closing, they made their way to the exhibition of Jackson Pollock’s work without the permission of the management.

The installation of artists is called “Hello, we’re from the internet”: they created an application for Google Play and the App Store, in which Pollock’s abstract drawings “came to life” in augmented reality.

Several people from the “MoMAR” came to the exhibition on the day of free visit and began to distribute smartphones to visitors. They took with them laptops, from which they installed applications on phones. Many of them first met with each other, since they usually do art on the Internet.

The authors noted that the AR-effects worked without errors due to the disorderly style of Pollock, reminiscent of the drawn QR-codes.

One of Pollock’s paintings in virtual reality turned into an interactive game: mini skeletons quickly climbed to the rotating wheel in the center, and visitors unwound it by scaling the image.

In “MoMAR” they called the installation a protest against the seizure of art by the elite: the authors are sure that exhibitions and museums should be open to all visitors. They added that the guards of the exhibition did not interfere with them, and the management did not receive any complaints.

In the near future, artists will make the code of their applications open to everyone so that others can arrange such exhibitions in their city at any time. “It’s funny, because even people who just go to the museum, in my opinion, look at pictures only through the lenses of their phones,” one of the authors added.

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