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Short films nominated for Oscar-2018

Edith + Eddie

The history of the oldest interracial newlyweds of America.

Disgusting rhymes (Revolting Rhymes)

Animation film consists of two parts, each lasting about half an hour. The film is a film adaptation of the children’s fairy book Roald Dahl, in which the parodies of the well-known West European fairy tales are played, including “Cinderella”, “Three pigs” and several others.

1 part of the film:

Part 2:

Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405

Mindy Alper is a 56 year old artist whose works are presented in one of the best galleries in Los Angeles. Acute anxiety and a devastating depression led her to the need to undergo electroshock therapy, remaining for 10 years without speaking.

Negative space

The cartoon is dedicated to the father, who rarely has the opportunity to spend time with his son. Therefore, in order to get close to him, he teaches him to pack a suitcase.

Heroin (e)

In the American city of Huntington, West Virginia, an epidemic of opioid dependence broke out. The overdose rate in this city was ten times higher than the national average. This heroin current threatens a whole generation of the Appalachian city with the development of drug addiction, lawlessness and poverty. But in this unfavorable situation, the director shows the other side of the fight against drugs – hope.

The “Oscar” ceremony will be held on the night of March 5 and will begin at 2:30

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