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In the United States, the Golden Raspberry 2018 Award was held. The worst picture was “Emoji film”

The second in number of awards was the tape “Fifty shades darker.” The picture won in the nominations “The Worst Supporting Actress” and “The Worst Remake, Parody or Sequel”. Michael Bay’s blockbuster “Transformers: The Last Knight” was the leader in the number of nominations, but was not included in the list of laureates.

  • The worst film is “Emoji film”;
  • The worst actress is Tyler Perry (Halloween Madey 2);
  • The worst actor is Tom Cruise (“The Mummy”);
  • The worst supporting actor is Mel Gibson (“Hello, Dad, New Year! 2”);
  • The worst supporting actress is Kim Basinger (“Fifty shades darker”);
  • The worst director: – Anthony Leonides (“Emoji film”);
  • The worst scenario is “Emoji movie”.

“Golden Raspberry” is held annually from 1981 a day before the “Oscar”. The award is awarded on the basis of voting of the members of the prize fund, which includes five hundred people from different countries. Voting is anonymous and occurs via mail.

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