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Decrypt calls to ambulance employees of the new Apple campus

Last month , it was reported that Apple Park employees in Cupertino were repeatedly injured, crashing into clear glass walls.

San Francisco Chronicle has published a transcript of three calls to the 911 service, in which the company’s officials turn to the ambulance to get medical care for their employees.

All three incidents occurred with men. In one case, the damage was so severe that it required suturing. Here is the record of the first incident:

Call # 1 (January 2, 2018)

Dispatcher: 185 emergency department, what do you want to report?

Caller: This is Apple’s security service, I report a medical trauma.

Dispatcher: Okay, what’s the address of the incident?

Caller: A second.

The person in the background, next to the caller: Tell them Apple Park Way.

Caller: Apple Park Way.

Dispatcher: What address?

Caller: Apple Park Way. Apple Park Way, 1.

Dispatcher: Could you repeat to make sure that I understood you correctly.

Caller: Apple Park Way, 1.

Dispatcher: Where exactly should I go?

Calling: Transit Center, 5A.

Dispatcher: Is the transit center a specific place in Apple?

Caller: This is outside of Tantau Avenue.

Caller: But still it’s Apple Park Way, 1?

Caller: This is passage 5A, after Tantau Avenue.

Dispatcher: It turns out the address of Apple Park Way, 1 this is where we should go?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher: … tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: One of the employees crashed into a glass wall and hit his head on her. There is a small wound on the head and it bleeds, a slight dizziness. With him now is the local guard.

Dispatcher: Are you with the patient now?

Caller: No, now I’m not with the patient, we’re trying to get through to the security department.

Dispatcher: How old is the patient?

Caller: About 20

Dispatcher: Patient man or woman?

Calling: Man.

Dispatcher: Is he conscious?

Caller: Yes, he is conscious.

Dispatcher: Is he breathing?

Caller: We do not know this. Yes, yes, he is conscious and breathing.

Dispatcher: Let me tell the doctors about this. When did it happen?

Caller: It happened about 5 minutes ago. About 12:05.

Dispatcher: Is there a serious bleeding?

Caller: Yes, from the head.

Dispatcher: Is he being watched?

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher: All right, one moment. I will inform the doctors and I will have some testimony for you.

I send doctors to help you, and now just stay on the line, I’ll tell you what to do next. You can pass it on to your guard. Do not move it unless it is in danger. From now on, do not give him anything to eat or drink, this can worsen his situation or lead to further problems. Tell him to be calm and wait for help.

Now I will give you instructions on stopping bleeding, which can help you … so listen carefully and make sure that you do it right. Find a clean and dry cloth or towel and place it directly on the wound, gently push and do not lift to look.

Caller: Press on the wound and do not lift.

Dispatcher: That’s right, that’s right. It is advisable that someone watches him constantly. If he starts to lose consciousness, or he becomes sick, quickly turn him in his direction.

Before the doctors arrive, put someone at the entrance to accompany the doctors inside. If it gets worse, call us back immediately for further testimony.

Caller: Let’s do it.

Dispatcher: Well, thank you.

Caller: Thank you, good day.

Dispatcher: To you too, good-bye.

Call # 2 (January 2)

Dispatcher : First aid, 336. What is the address of the incident?

Caller : Cupertino, Apple Park, 1.

Dispatcher : One second … could you repeat the address?

Caller : Cupertino, Apple Park, 1.

Dispatcher : This is the office? In what building?

Caller : Yes, this is Apple’s campus.

Dispatcher : What building is it in?

Caller : The main building, transit center.

Dispatcher : Tell me what exactly happened.

Caller : Ok. The employee hit the glass window, hit his head, there is a small scratch over his eyebrow.

Dispatcher : Are you with the patient now?

Caller : No, I’m in the call center. With him now is the local guard.

Dispatcher : How old is the patient?

Caller : Hmm, not known?

Dispatcher : A man or a woman?

Calling : Man, adult.

Dispatcher : Is he conscious?

Caller : Yes.

Dispatcher : Is he breathing?

Caller : Yes.

Dispatcher : Second.

Caller : Apparently, this is a middle-aged man.

Dispatcher : Okay, where’s the blood const?

Caller : A cut above the eyebrow.

Dispatcher : Where else?

Caller : No.

Dispatcher : Is he under surveillance?

Caller : Now it is not known. We are still waiting for an answer.

Dispatcher : All right. Is the breathing normal?

Caller : As far as I know, yes.

Dispatcher : Does the blood stream or pour out?

Caller : Just a little leaks, a little cut.

Dispatcher : Does he have dizziness from loss of blood?

Caller : As far as I know, no.

Dispatcher : Give me a second, I’ll inform the doctors.

The man in the background, next to the caller: He has a cut above the eyebrow. According to our first aid specialists, stitches are required.

Dispatcher : Do not move it, only if it is necessary, I will inform the doctors. Tell him to be calm and wait for help. All the best, sir.

Caller : Thank you very much, all the best.

Call # 3 (January 4)

Dispatcher : First aid department, 305. What is the address of the incident?

Caller : Hello, Apple Park Way, 1

Dispatcher : Sorry, you’re interrupting. What address?

Caller : Apple Park Way, 1.

Dispatcher : Is this the number of the building or room?

Caller : You will need to go to section 9 on the fourth floor. To do this, you have to go through the Passage 5A, And as in Adam. On the line with you will be Jessica, who is now with the patient.

Dispatcher : All right, hello.

Caller 2: Let’s give the man a pipe so that he can tell everything himself.

Dispatcher : All right, ma’am. Hello? Hello, sir.

Patient : Yes, hello.

Dispatcher : Tell me what exactly happened.

Patient : Um, I crashed into the glass door on the first floor of Apple Park when I wanted to go outside. That’s pretty stupid.

Dispatcher : You can not hear. Did you go through the glass door?

Patient : I did not pass through the door, I crashed into it.

Dispatcher : All right, one second. Did you hurt your head?

Patient : I hit my head.

Dispatcher : How old are you?

Patient : 23.

Dispatcher : When did this happen?

Patient : About half an hour ago.

Dispatcher : Is there a serious bleeding?

Patient : No.

Dispatcher : All right, one moment. I will inform the doctors and I will have some testimony for you.

I send doctors to help you, and now just stay on the line, I’ll tell you what to do next. Do not move, from this moment you can not eat or drink anything, this can worsen your situation or lead to further problems. Stay calm and wait for help.

Patient : Good.

Dispatcher : That’s all … if you have no questions, I’m disconnected … Thank you.

We assumed that this would be a problem. After the glasses are washed, it is very difficult to understand if they are there.

Albert Salvador
Apple employee

Apple has already received several warnings from government organizations. The truth is not clear whether the leadership will do anything with this problem.

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