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Hollywood actors made an open letter against sexual violence

In Hollywood, men teamed up against sexual violence, urging other men to take responsibility for what is happening, reports The Hollywood Reporter .


Actors, screenwriters and producers made up an open letter, in which they supported the survivors of women, men, as well as those who have not yet decided on their gender.

“In the end, the vast majority of sexual harassment, abuse and violence are committed by men, whether in Hollywood or not,” the appeal said. “Therefore, one of the most important things that men can and should do is to make it clear to other men, including their friends and colleagues, that sexual harassment is unacceptable.”

Celebrities also launched a campaign under the hashtag #AskMoreOfHim (” Require more from him”), directed against harassment. It echoes similar movements in support of the victims of sexual violence # MeToo (“Me too”) and #Time ‘sUp (“Time out”).

David Arquette, David Schwimmer Join Hollywood Men and Activists to Launch #AskMoreOfHim Campaign

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