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Where to watch “Oscar-2018”, what to expect and who to put it on

On the night of March 5 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for the 90th time will be awarded the Oscar for achievements in the field of cinema. The second year in a row, the ceremony will be hosted by the evening show host on ABC Jimmy Kimmel.

Where and when to watch

The “Oscar” award is traditionally preceded by a special show and a red carpet, the broadcast of which starts on the night of March 5


Broadcast “Oscar” on the air will begin on ” KinoPoiske ” and on the main page of “Yandex” . It will be available in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The prize will be commented on by the editor-in-chief of KinoPoisk Elizaveta Surganova, senior editor Tatyana Shorokhova, creative producer of Non-stop Production Company (the film “Dislike”) Ivan Filippov.

From the USA, you can watch the “Oscar” on the site or in the application of theAmerican television channel ABC. Stream will be available also through YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV and PlayStation Vue.

Regardless of where you are, on ABC and Oscar pages on Facebook you can watch the live broadcast of the show on the red carpet for free.

In recording

The full recording of the broadcast will appear on “KinoBoisk” in the next few days after the award and immediately in two versions – in the original and with translation into Russian. Also on the site will be published a 90-minute TV version of the award from the organizers of the Oscar, but it will be available until March 30.

The first channel this year will cost without a live broadcast and will show only the international TV version of the Oscar.

What to expect

From the leading “Oscar” Jimmy Kimmel, you should expect a reaction to the confusion with the envelopes: in 2017 academicians mistakenly declared thebest film “La La Land”, but a minute later gave the statuette “Moonlight”. Kimmel, who at that moment was on the stage (and did not know what to do), already remembered this in a promo new ceremony. For sure, it will not do without Kimmel’s causticism about the actor Matt Damon, with whom he has a long-standing conflict .

The upcoming “Oscar” will be the first after irreversible changes in Hollywood, caused by sex scandal around Harvey Weinstein. In the film industry, they began to take a sharper attitude to harassment, the career of the accused is now at risk of collapse at one point, for producers there were rules for protecting victims of harassment. As well as on the ” Golden Globe “, you should expect a lot of speeches and actions on the theme of the movements #MeToo and Time’s Up in defense of women. This in his monologue will tell and Kimmel himself.

But politics, as expected, still will not overshadow the main thing – the delivery of figurines and musical performances. All the contenders for the best song from the film – Mary J. Blige ( “Madbaund Farm” ), Andra Day and Common (” Marshall“), Sufian Stevens (” Call me by your name “), Kila Setl (” The greatest showman“), as well as Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalia Lafurcade and Miguel (” The Secret of Coco “).

Who claims the main awards and what to look for

Judging by the full list of nominees , the main favorite of the Oscar-2018 was Guillermo Del Toro’s “Water Shape” about the silent cleaning woman and the humanoid amphibian – she received 13 nominations, including in the categories “best film” and “best director”. In fact, there is no clear favorite, the number of nominations does not necessarily lead to a triumph, and academics often vote not for the “favorites” of the audience. The winner selection process is described in detail in the DTF.

Shot from the film "The Shape of the Water"
Shot from the film “The Shape of the Water”

The main competitor of “Forms of water” should be considered the drama of Martin McDonagh “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”, the idea of ​​which has already turned into a meme. The statistics are against Del Toro: since 1997 the statuette did not take a film that did not qualify for the actor’s Guild of Film Actors. For comparison – “Three billboards” in that category won.

One of the main surprises may be the victory of comedian Jordan Burke’s debut comedy ” Off “, which is covered by a thriller-horror, but turns out to be a satire about racism. This is one of the most atypical paintings for the “Oscar”, and Peel is only the fifth black, nominated as the best director. “Off” also claims to have statuettes for the original script and the actor’s play of Daniel Kaluy (“The Black Mirror”).

You can get sick also for Christopher Nolan – one of the most famous modern directors was the first to receive a nomination for the best direction. His “Dunkirk” with a margin ahead of all other contenders for the main statuette at the box office. In addition, it was after the scandal with the ignored “Dark Knight” that the Academy expanded the number of nominees. However, the chances of Nolan this time are not great, for example, academicians did not appreciate his actors.

In the category “Best film in a foreign language” for the first time since 2015, Russia is represented. As then, Andrei Zvyagintsev will fight for the statuette, only not with Leviathan, but with Nelyubov. Although the Russian director is considered one of the leading in Europe, his competitors are strong, relevant and, importantly, understandable to the American public – in the first place, it is about the Swedish “Square” and the Chilean “Fantastic Woman”.

Oscar-2018 has many notable nominations:

  • The third Wolverine film “Logan” with Hugh Jackman is the first superhero film to qualify for the best adapted script;
  • Withdrawn “Lady Bird” Greta Gerwig (this is only her second picture) became the fifth woman in the director’s nomination;
  • Operator of Madbaound Farm Rachel Morrison became the first woman in the 90 years of the Oscar, which was nominated;
  • Margot Robbie can get his first “Oscar” for his role in the film “Tonya vs. All”; Sirsha Ronan also claims the debut statuette for Lady Bird in the same category;
  • The operator of “Blade Runner 2049” Roger Dickins received the 14th nomination, but still has not received a single award;
  • 22-year-old Timothy Shalame (“Call me by his name”) became the youngest in the acting category; 88-year-old Christopher Plummer, who replaced Kevin Spacey in the film “All the World’s Money” – the oldest in the same nomination;
  • Absolute record-holder for age was the 89-year-old director of “Faces, Villages” Agnes Varda, nominated for the best documentary;
  • Played in the “Secret Dossier” Meryl Streep got her record 21st nomination. The author of the soundtrack for “Star Wars” John Williams received the 51st nomination, second only to Walt Disney (59);


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