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The Australian has set a world record for swimming among centennial athletes. He swam 2 pools in 56 seconds

Australian swimmer George Corones (George Corones) at the age of 99 years set a world record for swimming in the group for athletes from 100 to 104 years. He swam for 50 meters in 56.12 seconds. This is reported by the BBC.

Despite the fact that the man is 99 years old, according to the rules of the competition, he has the right to participate, since already in April 2018 he will be 100 years old. The man competed alone, for him organized an official event in Queensland.

Coronso helped climb the nightstand with which he jumped into the water. The man swam 50 meters (2 pools) in freestyle. He broke the previous record – 1 minute 31 seconds, set in the age category 100-104 years in 2014.

The 99-year-old sportsman said that he was delighted with his result and was ready to “hit the wall” with full force at the end of the race. However, he noted that the race was a serious challenge for him.

At this age you need more time to prepare, you get tired faster. But if everything is done as it should, the reward will be astronomical. My first 12 strokes were perfectly balanced and the trick was to put a little more force into each following. I worked so until the last 10 meters, when I realized that I was tired and exhausted, but continued without any concern.

George Corons

In a conversation with the BBC, Korons said that he was impressed by the roaring crowd of people who came to support him. The athlete explained that he was a professional swimmer in his youth, but then stopped swimming at the beginning of the Second World War.

He returned to swimming only in 80 years to keep himself in shape. Since then, Korons has been swimming for endurance three times a week and goes to the gym.

On March 3, the athlete plans to break the record in 3 minutes 23 seconds in freestyle for 100 meters (4 pools). He noted that although he was not young, he was looking forward to it and was confident that he could “do it well.”

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