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Microsoft will present the computer to an African teacher who had to draw a Word window on the blackboard

At the end of February, photos of the computer science teacher Richard Akoto (Richard Akoto), teaching in a small Ghanaian village, diverged on social networks . The students of the local elementary school do not have access to computers, so the African artist drew a copy of Microsoft Word in a colorful chalk on the blackboard.

In a conversation with the Quartz edition, Akoto noted that each lesson depicts various programs on the board to show their children. According to the teacher, he did not think that would become popular: Facebook users began offering him money and equipment for the school. February 27, Microsoft joined them – the company promised to send Akoto computer and give access to educational programs.

But for a full-fledged training the village needs more than one computer, and 50. The teacher accepted the offer, but stressed that the class in the Ghanaian village needed about 50 devices for full-time work, and one computer would not change much. The main goal of Akoto is to prepare children for the national exam in informatics, where children from rich cities and villages receive the same tasks. “You can not compare the one who spent his whole life at the computer, and the one who sees the computer mouse for the first time,” said the Ghanaian.

In 2017, one of the students who was assisted by Akoto received the highest mark on the exam.

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