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Jay Z became the richest rapper: helped sales of cognac and champagne

Rapper Sean Corey Carter, known as Jay Z, has increased his fortune from 810 to 900 million dollars a year and became the highest-paid rapper for Forbes. He bypassed the past leader Diddy, as well as Drake, Dr. Dre and Eminem.

As noted by the publication, most of the money Jay Z brought the sales of champagne Armand de Brignac and cognac D’Ussé, among the lines of income is also the company Roc Nation and streaming service Tidal.

The second place was taken by rapper Diddy, who in December 2017 remained theleader. The 48-year-old musician with a fortune of 825 million dollars earned on sales of premium alcohol: tequila DeLéon, several drinks Diageo and vodka Ciroc. The third place is for Dr. Dre and his $ 770 million, which is kept in the top by selling Apple’s Beats headset company for $ 3 billion.

All three – Diddy, Dre and Jay Z – not only the richest rappers, but also the highest paid American musicians of any genre. Following them are colleagues from hip-hop: Drake and Eminem, each of which has $ 100 million each.

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