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Google launched the Song Maker service to record ringtones in the browser

March 1, Chrome Music Lab announced the launch of a tool for creating music called Song Maker . It is a sequencer that allows you to program cycles for two different tools to select a user. The received sequence can be saved or sent to someone for joint development.

The working area of ​​the service is divided into cells, in which the notes are placed – each of its own color. The horizontal determines the duration of the melody sound, and the vertical determines its height. Available are the sounds of keyboards, strings and wind instruments, as well as a synthesizer and marimba. The lower band is responsible for different percussion.

Song Maker consists of two sections. The first, the largest, is responsible for the basis of the melody, and the lower, smaller, for the rhythm. There is a choice between several music options in each section. To create a melody consisting of tags arranged in a certain order, you can use the mouse, keyboard or finger, depending on which device is working on. To create a melody, you can connect a MIDI keyboard or use a microphone to play the desired note.

In addition to the main interface, there are many additional options for customizing the song. You can select the tempo using the sliding panel, set the octave range, loop length, number of strokes, etc.

Chrome Music Lab

Google Creative Lab launched the Chrome Music Lab in 2016. Each release of the Chrome Music Lab allows you to play with music and sound in different ways. During such web experiments, Oscillators were created , in which it is possible to stretch cute characters to study the values ​​of different frequencies, and Sound Waves , which gives a visual representation of how sound vibrations are carried through the air.

Song Music Maker has expanded the line of free tools for creating music in the browser. This is, for example, PIXELSYNTH , which allows you to draw sketches and turn them into music as they scroll. Also there is a tool called Arcade , in which, when you click on various blocks, loops are created.

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