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Alleged organizer of cocaine smuggling from Argentina to Russia was detained in Germany

The German police detained a businessman and alleged organizer of cocaine smuggling from Argentina to Russia Andrei Kovalchuk. As reported by “Interfax”, it happened in the suburbs of Berlin around 22:00 local time on March 1.

Lawyer Kovalchuk Vladimir Zherebenkov learned about the detention of his client’s wife. In the coming days, the police intend to “go to court for his arrest.” How exactly Kovalchuk will defend in Germany, has not yet been decided.

The police, according to the spouse Kovalchuk, behaved correctly. They said they plan to figure it all out and clarify everything on this matter

Vladimir Zherebenkov
Andrei Kovalchuk’s lawyer

Earlier, the Tverskoi Court of Moscow arrested Kovalchuk in absentia in a drug case. The businessman called himself a security official of the Russian embassy in Germany, but the Russian Foreign Ministry officially denied this information.

The investigation began after finding 12 suitcases in the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires with almost 400 kilograms of cocaine (according to the FSB, 362 kilograms). Presumably, Kovalchuk intended to send them to Russia by diplomatic mail. He himself stated about the provocation and stressed that in the suitcases there was alcohol, coffee, gifts and personal belongings.

In Russia, three people were detained, including former head of the diplomatic mission Ali Abyanov, who repeatedly sent to Moscow suitcases Kovalchuk. “Inside, I did not look,” – said Abyanov.

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