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AliExpress launched a blog exchange in Russia and its own social network

On March 1, two new services of the Chinese Internet retailer AliExpress officially became available in Russia : “Shopaholic Club” and AliExpress Connect.

The new social network, called the “Shopaholic Club”, is an adapted application of the Chinese platform iTao, where users can share photos of shopping and discuss them. In Russia, the innovation is integrated into the mobile application AliExpress, from which, as noted in the company, more than 60% of all orders are produced.

AliExpress Connect

The second innovation is a new site for verified bloggers, who now have the opportunity to write reviews on the order of brands and get paid for it. Buyers can also subscribe to such users, receive updates from them and various discounts.

To get into the number of such bloggers, the candidate must have at least 5,000 subscribers. But the administration of the service will take into account contacts from other social networks, such as VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

A store to start collaborating with bloggers needs only to have a high rating inside the platform.

For us, it is very important how users evaluate products, sellers and service, all this affects the changes in the range, the rating of the goods. In addition, user-generated content helps to significantly increase sales.

Mark Zavadsky
Director for Development of AliExpress in Russia and CIS countries
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