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YouTube blamed new moderators for the erroneous removal of right-conservative channels

New moderators hired by YouTube could mistakenly remove or mark right-click videos and channels. The representative of the service explained that the company quickly hires new people who could misunderstand the rules, and promised to restore the video deleted by mistake.

Interlocutor The Verge, familiar with the situation, doubted that the new moderators intentionally removed the right content. According to him, such errors arise with content of different kinds.

After shooting in Florida, several such channels were completely closed , and a few more warnings were sent. Among them was the channel of the founder of InfoWars, Alex Jones, who promoted the theory that survivors of the shooting were in fact “crisis actors”. His channel received two warnings in the last two weeks due to a violation of the service policy regarding bullying and discrimination. On February 27, the channel reported that the second strike was canceled.

Many authors of right-conservative channels are convinced that YouTube intentionally removes their videos because of the focus. The organization PragerU filed a lawsuit against the service because of the withdrawal or filtering of its commercials because of their focus. The platform was also criticized for using the same filters to hide LGBT videos.

On February 22, YouTube removed a video in which conspiracy experts called the “crisis actor” a schoolboy who survived shooting in Florida. The video gained more than 200 thousand views and went into the trends.

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