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The US police arrested a schoolboy who published a picture of AR-15, assembled from Lego

This is reported on the site of the Sheriff’s Department of San Diego, California.

A 14-year-old high school student in San Diego was arrested for publishing photos of the rifle AR-15 from Lego in Instagram and the message “Do not come to school tomorrow”. This is reported on the website of the Sheriff’s Department of the Californian city.

As it follows from the document, one of the subscribers asked the student to delete the photo and the message, but he refused. Some of the teenagers complained to the school authorities who contacted the local police. The staff came to the student’s home and had an educational conversation with their parents.

The police began an investigation to find out whether the schoolchild had access to arms. The teenager was placed in the juvenile detention center after some hunting rifles were found at home.

Before that, in the state of Illinois, an American student was sent under house arrest with a ban on violent games for threats in social networks to shoot at school. In the United States, they began to react more actively to reports of schoolchildren about shooting after the student shot 17 people in Florida .

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