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The US Justice Department will spend $ 2 million to develop artificial intelligence to combat crime

The US Department of Justice said it would invest $ 2 million in research into artificial intelligence technology. It is planned to be used in the fight against crime.

Artificial intelligence wants to use to analyze the data that criminals leave when using the Internet and social networks. According to the statement of the National Institute of Justice of the United States, it will help in the fight against banditry, drug smuggling, human trafficking and the opioid crisis

In addition, using the algorithm, the Ministry of Justice wants to find encrypted child pornography without deciphering. The Office noted that this is a serious problem in the fight against child pornography, since a judicial warrant is needed to decrypt it.

American authorities are not the first to want to use artificial intelligence in their work. On February 13 it became known that the British government would useautomatic algorithms to recognize video of terrorist topics on small sites.

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