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The Russian woman poisoned a cheesecake similar to her American. She fled to the United States after committing a murder

Victoria Nasyrova. Photos New York Post
Victoria Nasyrova. Photos New York Post

in the United States, 42-year-old Russian woman Victoria Nasyrova was charged with attempted murder and theft, CBS News reported . She tried to poison a woman like her with a cheesecake with tranquilizers, to expose everything as suicide. After the incident, Nasyrov stole the passport, money and “other property” of the victim.

This is a crazy and complex crime that could lead to the death of a resident of Queens, whose only mistake was that she looked like the accused.

Richard Brown
Queens district attorney

In August 2016, Nasyrova was on a visit to the 35-year-old resident of the Queens Forest Forest region, Olga Tsvyk (Olga Tsvyk). As a treat, she brought a poisoned cheesecake. Brown said that both women had dark hair, a similar skin color, and they both spoke Russian.


Olga Zwick. A still from the video CBS News

After eating, she felt ill and fainted. The next day, an American friend found her in bed in her underwear and surrounded by tablets, and called an ambulance. When she came to, the woman remembered that Nasyrova had come to see her. When she returned home, she realized that she had been stolen from her passport, her pass to work, a gold ring and money.

Local law enforcement agencies and the National Security Department conducted an examination of cheesecake and found out that it contained a “Russian tranquilizer” “Fenazepam”. The tablets found on Zwick’s bed had the same drug. According to the victim, there was nothing unusual in the taste of cheesecake.

Nasyrov was arrested in March 2017: she denied that she had forced the victim to eat cheesecake. She found the missing things American women and charged in a series of robberies and poisonings. In 2017, it became known that she went on dates with men from dating sites, and persecuted and robbed them.

In Russia, Nasyrova is suspected of murdering 54-year-old Krasnodar resident Alla Alekseenko in October 2014, who stole three million rubles, 17,000 dollars and jewelry. The Russian woman was calculated with the help of traffic cameras: they fixed the body of the car, killed on the front seat, which Nasyrova rented. She is also suspected of another crime: the disappearance of two owners of a two-room apartment, which she helped with the sale.

After the murder of Nasyrov on fake documents, she moved to New York and lived in Brooklyn since November. Since 2015, she was on international wanted list at the request of the Russian authorities. As “Yugopolis” writes, Nasyrova hid from law enforcement agencies for two years, appearing as a new acquaintance of Rachel or Mara. Since the end of 2016, she began to actively use Facebook, after which it was found by a detective hired by Alekseenko’s relatives.

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