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Resonance: Presentation of the new Russian military missiles of Putin

missiles of Putin

During a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin introduced two new missiles that are invulnerable to NATO’s anti-missile defense: the Sarmat strategic complex and a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant. He also showed a combat airplane “Dagger” and an unmanned nuclear submarine carrying nuclear weapons.

During Putin’s words on the screen behind him appeared animated videos, demonstrating the power of the new weapon.

The presentation of missiles by Putin became one of the main topics of the day in social networks. The users noted that the President of the country devoted much of the message to the Federal Assembly to the military topic.Rollers about rockets were shown so often that they did not have time to comment on Twitter.

Bloggers were surprised that in 2018 for the presentation used computer graphics of poor quality: the rocket flew against the background of pixel fields and, according to users, resembled an excerpt from a video game of the 1990s. In Twitter, began to substitute screenshots of these video games, giving them for the presentation of missiles.

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