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Putin showed new Russian military missiles using computer graphics

During a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin introduced two new military missiles. One of them, Sarmat, has already been tested and equipped with a missile defense system.

Another rocket has not yet received a name. The President noted that no one has such weapons so far. He added that when the situation changes, our guys “will come up with something new.” An unnamed missile has an “unlimited range” and an “unpredictable flight path”.

Both missiles will be hypersonic and intercontinental. Complex “Sarmat” weighs 200 tons, will replace “Satan” and will be able to carry more warheads without limits on range. It will become the most powerful inter-ballistic missile in the world.

Putin noted that now Russia will be listened to. After that, the audience stood up and applauded for a long time.

Despite all the problems that we faced in economics and finance, in the defense industry and in the army, Russia remained and remains the largest nuclear power. With us, no one really wanted to talk, no one listened to us. Listen now.

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

In addition to missiles, the President presented the Dzhazhin missile system, the Avangard system and an unmanned nuclear submarine carrying nuclear weapons. According to the president, it can move faster than all existing submarines and conventional ships.

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