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Pre-election stickers for “VKontakte” were made by the authors of the calendar for Putin with the students of the Moscow State University

“Election Girl” stickers in “VKontakte” were ordered by the agency BlackLight, which in 2011 produced a calendar for the birthday of Vladimir Putin with half-naked students of the journalistic faculty of Moscow State University. About this publication and The Bell was told by the managing partner of the agency Maxim Perlin.

Calendar that advertised pro-Kremlin movement “Nashi”, like Putin, said his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. According to Perlin, stickers have nothing to do with the presidential administration: Black Light made them and the community “Only for adults” at their own expense, and campaigned only because it was “a topic that shakes.” The agency acted as a partner of Maxim and VKontakte.

The works of the artist Fortuna, we have never seen before, like colleagues from MAXIM. Editor-in-chief Alexander Malenkov already said in the media comment that he was watching stickers, and, in his opinion, they carry out their task. It turns out that the author of all of us framed, overestimating his strength. And he, and we again want to apologize to Fortune. We are very sorry that the situation took a similar turn.

Maxim Perlin
Managing Partner of BlackLight Agency

Two of the interlocutors of The Bell from the “VKontakte” management told that Alexander Kabakov, the vice-president of the parent company Group, is engaged in special projects that are placed in the social network communities. According to the sources of the publication, Kabakov “deals with everything that concerns Putin,” and his office is jokingly called “a branch of the presidential administration.”

One of the special projects Kabakov – a community of graduates of 400 thousand people, told the source of The Bell. It supposedly did virtual school albums and showed a specially recorded address by Putin, and then it was used as a platform for questions to the president from the participants of the camp “Sirius”, which he takes care of.

Kabakov is also one of the co-owners of the company KGBB, she owns the Internet agency “Agency 1”, which until 2013 was led by former editor-in-chief Alexei Goreslavsky. Now he is the deputy head of the administration of the presidential administration for public projects.

On February 24, the community “For adults only” released their own stickers “Election Girl” with the girls who are calling to go to the polls. The community has created Maxim magazine. The editor-in-chief Alexander Malenkov called it “a partner project, concluded on special terms,” ​​but did not disclose partners and customers.

On February 25, the artist Valeria Fortuna accused Max magazine and the community “Only for Adults” of plagiarizing their stickers for Telegram. Representatives of the magazine first denied involvement in stickers and said that they came up with “VKontakte”, and then recognized the authorship of the artist on outsourcing.

Later, VKontakte announced that it would remove Maxim stickers with calls to go to the polls for copyright infringement. Social Network accused the editor-in-chief Maxim Alexander Malenkov for ambiguous media comments.

Maxim was not the first time calling for elections. In October 2017 in the magazine there were reversals with an appeal, in which girls in underwear were photographed at polling stations. Malenkov explained the appearance of such material by “encouraging civic engagement”.

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