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Dubai authorities plan to take DNA samples from all residents of the city to prevent disease

Dubai authorities announced a project on long-term improvement of health of city residents. They want to collect the DNA of 3 million people living in Dubai, and build a database of genomes of the entire region.

The initiative has become part of the Dubai 10X project, which aims to speedily introduce technologies that are expected to become the standard in the next 10 years.

The Dubai Health Association expects to “reverse” the process of genetic research. Scientists use artificial intelligence, which will analyze the data of genomes and compare them with those who have already suffered from some disease or were exposed to the virus. In case of coincidence, the patient is expected to help before the appearance of health problems. It is noted that the program will affect even those who are not citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

At the last stage, the project should turn Dubai into the leader of genomic medicine: the city plans to establish cooperation with pharmaceutical companies for the targeted treatment of genetic diseases and prevent diseases, affecting the way of life of people at risk.

The first stage of the project was promised to begin within the next two years. During this time, the city will begin collecting samples of DNA and building laboratories. It is not known how the issue will be resolved with the protection of these data.

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