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American schoolchildren were banned from playing “brutal games” under house arrest because of threats of shooting at school

The court of the county of Du-Page in Illinois sent a 16-year-old student to house arrest for an indefinite period for threats to classmates in social networks. The judge separately forbade the teenager to play “cruel games” for the entire term.

As the Chicago Tribune reported , the schoolboy became a suspect after he wrote in the comments on Facebook: “You should stop talking about school shooting, or I’ll do it myself.” He commented on the discussion of the report of a false shooting at Lake Park School, and also published a video on Facebook and made a translation of Snapchat of how he plays.

After that, the police department said that he had arrested a 16-year-old pupil of the Lake Park school for “specific threats” to classmates. A representative of the school said that one of the students had told the leadership and police about the “dangerous message”. Previously, Lake Park canceled classes because of similar threats from another teenager.

The district court accused the student of petty hooliganism, and his lawyer insisted that the comment was “a bad joke.” The prosecutor pointed out that after shooting in Florida , “there is nothing to laugh at anymore.” In the home of a teenager, searches were conducted, but the police did not find weapons there, as parents also stated at the trial. The teenager spent a day in a cell with other minors.

Teen sent under house arrest and responsibility of parents. He was forbidden to use a smartphone and play “violent games.” “You can play at Mario Kart as long as you want,” added the judge.

Prosecutors refused to disclose the details of the prosecution and did not specify how the police will monitor what the teenager is playing.

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