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Tyumen developer created a 12-meter copy of Putin in augmented reality

The developer from Tyumen Yaroslav Popov together with businessman Alexander Androsov created a 12-meter copy of the Russian president in a kimono near the Olympic Training Center “Tyumen-judo”. The head of state can see and take a picture with a 3D model using the special application “Photo with Putin” (it is available in the App Store and Google Play ).

In an interview with the local newspaper Tyumen Line, Popov stressed that the creation of a 3D copy is timed to coincide with the birth of the sports complex.

We wanted to make the center a gift. They did not agree, they did not talk, they just decided to do it and see. We made this mark ourselves, it is not available for public access. It is only with us. We decided to try and did it.

The development of the copy took about a month. On the mark, Vladimir Putin makes a “Ray” – a greeting / greeting. A week later, we plan to launch a whole project dedicated to the Russian president.

Yaroslav Popov

Androsov also told about the functionality of the application and the principles of its operation. He stressed that they managed to print out a seven-meter mark, which “will be with a three-story house.”

Presentation of the application “Photo with Putin” was held in Tyumen in early January. In order to take a picture, you need to print a special 3D-label, which is then recognized by the program and inserts the virtual Putin into the frame.

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