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The Dutch engineer made a system for recognizing the muzzle of his cat, to let him go home

Programmer Arkaitz Garro from Amsterdam told Business Insider about his invention – a small device with a face recognition system attached to the balcony door. The task of the gadget is one: to learn a particular cat and notify the owner that he wants to enter the house.

According to Garro, for several years, the same cat named Bobis came to them with his wife, who was standing near the fence. At first, the family thought he was homeless, but then learned that the animal belongs to a neighbor. After talking, they decided to “divide” the cat into two houses: the pet decided to whom and when to come. Gradually, the animal developed a special schedule, according to which it preferred the engineer.


Therefore Garro made a device that would warn him that the cat came to the house. When Bobis comes to the balcony, he meets a mini computer Raspberry Pi with a camera. If it detects traffic in the yard using software, it takes a snapshot and sends it to the cloud platform to recognize AWS Rekognition images.

A neural network is trained in hundreds of photographs of cats and determines whether that cat is on the balcony or not. Besides him, other pets and squirrels are constantly running into the yard.

If the system recognizes the cat, then she warns Garro at Slack that it’s time to open the door.


According to the Dutchman, the device correctly identifies Bobis in 100% of cases, if he looks at the camera. The device at Garro took several hours of work and 50 dollars.

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