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The danger of crypto and Hyperloop: what Bill Gates told about Reddit

On February 27, Bill Gates took part in the questions and answers session at Reddit (AMA), where he talked about the dangers of crypto-currencies, distrust of the Ilona project Hyperloop Mask and the possibility of running for the presidency.

TJ chose five of the most interesting statements of one of the richest people on the planet.

About presidential ambitions

Gates was asked if he would like to try to become president of the United States in the next few years. According to the entrepreneur, he is too busy working in the Bill and Melinda Gates charitable foundation.

I will not run because I’m too busy working with Melinda, everything we do inside the fund and beyond.

I think people want too much from the government. Yes, it can do better, but small groups can also help schools and people living in poverty.

Bill Gates

About anonymous crypto-currencies

According to Gates, the main danger is the crypto currency in their anonymity, because the government can not track cases of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Already now crypto currency is used to buy drugs – this is a rare example of a technology that almost directly leads to death. It seems to me that speculation with ICO and crypto-currencies is a risk to those who want a long investment.

Bill Gates

One of the users of Reddit said that cash is also used for illegal purposes. “Yes, but real money must be transferred personally. This creates certain difficulties when we talk about ransoms for kidnapping people, “Gates added.

About distrust of Hyperloop

Reddit users asked Gates about Hyperloop project Ilona Mask – a system of vacuum tunnels, where cars with people can accelerate up to 400 kilometers per hour. He expressed doubts about the reliability of such transport.

It seems to me that the technology of unmanned vehicles and electric vehicles will only develop, but I’m not sure that Hyperloop makes sense. It is very difficult to make this system safe.

Bill Gates

On the next breakthrough in technology

Coosnovatel Microsoft explained that in the next 10 years, computers have to learn to understand and read the text, and researchers to make robots that can move and obey the man correctly.

The most amazing thing will happen when computers can read and understand the text no worse than people. Today they can do simple things, like searching for specific words, but abstract concepts like a family or a vacation are incomprehensible to them.

Bill Gates

About your favorite beer

I’m not a big fan of beer. When we finish playing baseball, I can drink some light beer to share the atmosphere with others. It’s a pity to disappoint those who really love him.

Bill Gates
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