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Stuffing the sausage into the shell and sucking the water out of the hose: a safer sex campaign in Switzerland

The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in Switzerland launched an advertising campaign dedicated to safe sex. In three commercials, sounded in German, French and Italian, everyday situations are played that allude to intimate subtext.

In the first video, the butcher stuffs sausage into the shell, which hints at putting on a condom. Voice-over emphasizes that Karl “makes a giant and thick sausage”, and declares that a partner can help in this.

In the second roller, the carpenter lubricates the drill of the machine before making a hole in the metal plate. Soon he takes the biggest nozzle and continues to make rhythmic movements.

In the third video, the narrator declares, “Today we will learn how to suck [the water] out of the aquarium.” He explains that a girl named Jasmine “needs a thick hose” to carry out this work. After that, she should put it in her mouth and “smell”: if the hose is fresh, Jasmine can kneel and start “sucking hard until the first drops fall into her mouth.”

In the end, the girl spat the water in the basin, and the voice behind the scenes emphasizes that these actions will save the carpet from splashing.

In all the videos there is a common slogan: “Whatever you think, also think about your health.” BAG spokesman Adrien Kay (Adrien Kay) said that with the help of “the campaign they play with cliches and humor, which make the video more accessible and effective.”

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