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Journalists offer HMD to revive Nokia Communicator

The king of last year’s MWC exhibition was not Android and not even a phone with the Samsung logo. On MWC 2017 annealed Nokia 3310 – the reincarnation of the ancient dialer. This year, HMD (which owns the rights to phones under the Nokia brand) brought to the exhibition a “banana” from the “Matrix” Nokia 8110 . Next year, say journalists Engadget , Barcelona should shake remakes of communicators Nokia.

Nokia Communicator have been published since 1996. They were essentially handheld computers aimed at the business audience. They could be used as thick phones or folding mini-notebooks with a QWERTY-keyboard.

They were the progenitors of all smartphones, though they were stuck in the past. When the iPhone came out, and Android peeked around the corner, Nokia decided to take the handle of Microsoft and go into the sunset. Actually, the history showed who was right, and who had to retire.

As for the idea of ​​the revival of communicators with a physical keyboard, the audience for them can be found. Someone still uses BlackBerry smartphones with QWERTY-keyboards. Of course, for the commercial success of such an audience is not enough, but to surprise visitors MWC 2019 such a revival is possible.

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