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IOC has restored the membership of the Russian Olympic Committee

According Tarpishchev, the recovery occurred automatically, as the IOC did not find new positive doping tests from Russian athletes after the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

All the results of inspections of our athletes showed their “purity”. Procedurally, Russia does not need anything, the restoration of ROC membership has happened automatically, the IOC has no complaints.

Shamil Tarpischev
IOC member

The restoration of Russia’s status is also reported by RIA Novosti with reference to several unrelated sources.

Due to the temporary exclusion of the ROC, which was announced on December 5, the Russians played at the Games in South Korea under a neutral flag. Such a decision was made on the basis of the work of the IOC commissions under the leadership of Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid, who were responsible for re-testing doping samples of Russian athletes in Sochi and concluded that the state supported the doping system.

Considered the possibility of lifting the sanctions even before the closing ceremony of the Olympics, but this did not happen , because during the competition, two Russian athletes were convicted of using doping. Commenting on these cases, IOC President Thomas Bach stressed that it was not possible to find any evidence that the abuse was systemic.

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