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In the US, Google banned the search for products with the word “weapons”. From the search, a water gun and Guns N ‘Roses disappeared

In the United States, the service for searching for products in the online stores “Google Shopping” has forbidden to search for things by the word “weapons” (gun). Users complained that because of this, water guns, as well as disks of Guns N ‘Roses and Burgundy wine (bur gun dy wine) disappeared from the search .

Americans said that when trying to find any product with the word “gun” in the title, Google gives an error about the lack of search results.

Google in the comments for Business Insider confirmed the error, promised to fix it soon and added that it did not change its policy regarding weapons in recent times.

February 14 during a shooting in a school in Parkland in South Florida were killed 17 people, injuring 14. After that, the US again began to discuss tougher gun laws, and Trump suggested arming teachers in schools.

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