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Hyperloop One first dispersed the “train of the future” to 310 kilometers per hour

Hyperloop One conducted the second large-scale testing of the vacuum tunnel system. According to the company, the capsule XP-1 on the test tunnel in the Nevada desert could be dispersed to 310 kilometers per hour. This is the highest speed on which the system was tested. At the same time, it was initially planned that the XP-1 would accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour.

The tests were conducted in a closed 500-meter tunnel under vacuum conditions. XP-1 slipped through the pipe using magnetic levitation, which is limited only by air resistance and in theory can provide speeds of up to 1200 kilometers per hour.

During the first full-scale tests, the capsule was dispersed to 113 kilometers per hour

The first full-fledged transport system Hyperloop One plans to launch in the UAE between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The distance of 124 kilometers is promised to be overcome in 12 minutes.

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