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Head Lenovo allowed the return of the cult clamshell Motorola RAZR

Following the reincarnation of popular Nokia models , Lenovo, which bought Motorola, may follow the same path . According to the head of the Chinese company, the appearance of an updated version of the popular RAZR model in the past decade is not ruled out in the foreseeable future.

“With the new technology – in particular, flexible screens – I think you will see more and more innovations in the design of our smartphones. What you described, I hope, will be developed or implemented very soon, “a Lenovo representative said in response to a question about the likelihood of the appearance of the new Motorola RAZR. Journalists clarified whether it was really about RAZR, and the company’s CEO hinted even more transparently: ” I think I’ve already answered this question.”

Motorola RAZR appeared in 2004. The clamshell stood out with a stylish design. The model was a popular phone, it is one of the most recognizable Motorola mobile phones.

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