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Goalkeeper of the German club put up for auction a bottle of water, because of which he missed a curious goal


Goalkeeper of German football club Duisburg Mark Flekken (Mark Flekken) put up for sale a bottle of water, because of which he missed a curious goal in the match of the 24th round of the second division of the German Championship against Ingolstadt.

At the 18th minute of the fight, the 24-year-old Dutch goalkeeper decided to quench his thirst and did not notice that at that moment a counterattack of the opponent was taking place. As a result, the player “Ingolstadt” literally brought the ball into the empty net in front of the stunned goalkeeper.


I saw that I scored a goal to Ingolstadt [the goal was not scored due to offside], so I decided to drink some water. At that time, the music, which is included in the stadium during the scoring goal, did not stop, so I drank some water and went back to the gate to put the bottle back. When I turned around, I saw that the ball flew into the gate. Music at that time was still playing.

Of course, now I can talk about this with a smile, but this is an unpleasant sight. I will not put the bottle in the gate anymore.

Mark Flecken

However, in the match Flecken managed to demonstrate his skills: before a curious goal, he repaired a penalty. Helped goalkeeper and the team – “Duisburg” won with a score of 2: 1.

After the sale, the amount received from the auction will be transferred to the fund, which supports children from poor families.

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