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Frozen at an altitude of 7600 meters, US Navy pilots returned EA-18G Growler thanks to a smart watch

The US military is investigating the incident involving the Boeing EA-18 Growler. On January 29, the aircraft made a flight at an altitude of 7,600 meters above sea level from an aircraft station on Whidbey Island to the China Lake Base in California. The control system of pressure and heating of the cabin failed, the temperature dropped to -30 degrees, after which ice formed on the surfaces, and in the cockpit – steam.

The pilots lost the ability to read the instruments and completely blinded. As a result, pilots had to use smart watches Garmin to determine the location and further navigation, writes DefenseNews. At the same time they received instructions from the ground. By the time of landing, the pilots completely exhausted the emergency oxygen reserves.

Both pilots received frostbite and other injuries.

The military intend to investigate the incident.

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