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The Olympics raised the attendance of Tinder and Pornhub. Athletes need sex

The dating application Tinder also deserved the Olympic gold for the way it entertained athletes who have nothing to do after training. “At every Olympics we notice that Tinder is indispensable in the villages where athletes live. When the competitions begin, our traffic grows at an explosive rate, “the company said and shared the magic numbers.

Here are the statistics since February 8:

• The number of users in Pyeongchang has grown by 348% .

• Likeys increased by 545% .

• “Matches” (coincidences of the likes), which allow you to start a dialogue – by 644% more.

• The number of svaypov (left – to pass by, right – to show interest) increased by 571% .

Athletes are very fond of Tinder. Knowing this, the company has provided them with free access to Tinder Gold for the whole time of the Olympics – an expansion with three important advantages: 1) the ability to see who you liked, even before svaypa; 2) five “superlayers” instead of one; 3) change of location.

About love to Tinder in the Olympic Village website “Match TV”said snowboarder Alain Zavarzin: “Lonely athletes add themselves a well-known application for intimate acquaintances. Who does not have a profile, start it. When you svaypaesh pictures, then come across famous athletes, and not alone. I do not have an application, because I’m married, with Vic [Wilde, husband Zavarzina] – too. But it was always interesting to see how this is done. We recently made a profile to a friend. When you select photos, you should get a sandwich. For example, the first photo is “I’m a guy who likes to spend time outdoors”, the second one is “I’m cute”, the third one is “I’m sexy” (some picture without a shirt), and the fourth one is “I’m still nice”. It turns out a sandwich: sweet, sexy, but I can talk. This set of photos works fine. Checked on other people. ”

In the instagram even an account @tinderpyeongchang appeared, in which screenshots of the profiles of the Olympians wishing to get acquainted were published. By the time of the blocking of the page, almost 40 athletes were gathered there. Among them – luger from the USA Jason Tardiman, Norwegian jumper from the springboard Maren Lundby, Canadian skier Dustin Cook.

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