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The flight registry was removed after RBC’s investigation of cocaine from Argentina

The site RussianPlanes with the register of flights and aircraft of Russian aviation was closed after the investigation of RBC on the delivery of cocaine from Argentina. In the Google cache, there is an appeal from the authors, in which they talk about the “final and irrevocable” removal of all information.

According to the creators, RussianPlanes – a site of “patriotic orientation”, which they did on the basis of open sources, so “the quality of information is low, it is easy to forge.” According to the cache data of Yandex, the portal was available at least until 21:40 Moscow time on February 26.

Screenshot of the last message from the authors RussianPlanes

In conversation with “Mediason”, the owner of the site under the nickname Kiba stated that he had not been asked to remove RussianPlanes, and he did it himself after the release of the RBC material. In this case, the map of the plane, associated with cocaine from Argentina, is still available in Google’s cache.

I just took it all and removed it, maybe there was something wrong working. I’m a little tense now, so I took it and deleted it, I do not want to substitute anyone.

owner of RussianPlanes

On February 27, RBC published a note stating that the IL-96 with the number 96023 from the detachment “Russia” participated in the delivery of 400 kilograms of cocaine to Argentina from Russia. The publication noted that they used RussianPlanes to view the flights of the liner, checking that it was in Argentina and carrying the first persons of the state.

February 22 at the Russian Embassy in Argentina found 389 kilograms of cocaine, which was the result of joint investigation of the two countries. The employee of the Russian embassy was involved in the smuggling, except for him, at least four people were arrested, another was put on the wanted list

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