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The first channel used a frame from the game Arma 3 in the plot about the war of Syria

Shot from the plot of the First Channel about the war in Syria

In the story of the First Channel about the war in Syria, a frame with a sniper rifle from the game Arma 3 was used. In the release of the Sunday Times program on February 25 on the story of the deceased Russian soldier (4:58) showed a sight from the sight where the polygonal surroundings are clearly visible painted technique.

The plot of the First Channel is dedicated to “those to whom duty and honor are more important than their own lives” – to the soldiers whom Vladimir Putin congratulated on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Then the presenter told about the deceased in Syria, Alexander Prokhorenko, who was awarded the title Hero of Russia for directing Russian snipers to the targets in Palmyra.

Determine that the frame is made in the game Arma 3, helped the inscriptions in the lower right corner. The PNR-1000A is one of the most popular walkie-talkies in the shooter, which is mentioned in the game manuals. In addition, the environment and sniper scope in the frame is quite similar to what the gameplay looks like .

Random frame from the gameplay video by Arma 3

As noted at Pikabu, the frame is so short that it is almost impossible to determine a specific video with the Arma 3 gameplay. It is unclear why the editor or author of the story inserted this moment in the issue: he appears too quickly for the viewer to notice something and reminds the “Easter eggs” for those who still have time to notice.

At the time of writing, the release of “Sunday Times” with a frame from Arma 3 is available on the YouTube channel and on the site of the First Channel.

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