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The first channel explained the director’s mistake the appearance of a frame from the game Arma 3 in the story about Syria

The first channel explained the appearance of a sniper rifle frame from the game Arma 3 in the plot about the war in Syria. According to the press-service of the TV channel, the fragment got into the plot by mistake of the editing director. It is not known whether he retained the work and received a fine.

The use of this frame was the error of the editing director who took it from the archive. Previously, this frame was used in the story related to computer games

press service of Channel One

TJ could not find recent stories about computer games on the YouTube channel and the First Channel website. In November 2017, video games were compared to drugs in the program “The Man and the Law”, then in the program “Good Morning” games were advised for the development of memory, and in August the “Male / Female” program was told about the dependence on online games. In 2018, there were no stories about video games on Channel One.

February 25 on Channel One in the program “Sunday” showed a two-second shot from the shooter Arma 3. It does not play any role and looks like “Easter eggs” for those who will notice.

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