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Media: Apple is working on proprietary overhead headphones with high-quality sound

Analyst KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo in a message to investors said that in addition to the new version of AirPods, Apple is working on its own overhead headphones with high-quality sound. A copy of the document was read by Apple Insider.

According to Kuo, Apple wants to create a product that will be as comfortable as AirPods, but with better sound quality. The analyst noted that these will be overhead headphones “with a completely new design.” They are likely to be wireless, like the top-end Beats.

The device will be presented not earlier than at the end of 2018. Because of more expensive components, it will cost more than AirPods, which are sold for $ 159 (about 12,000 rubles in Russia).

According to Kuo, in the second half of 2018, Apple will release an updated version of AirPods. The design of the headphones will not change, but instead the company will focus on finalizing the internal components of the device: a case with wireless charging and a W1 chip. The analyst believes that Apple will change the production of headphones to take into account wireless charging.

He noted that the company is looking for a new manufacturer for the growing production of AirPods. Apple expects that in 2018 will need 100-200% more components for wireless headphones due to increased sales. According to Kuo, in 2018 the company will send to the stores from 24 to 26 million devices.

Working with high-quality headphones for Apple is not a novelty: since 2014 the company owns Beats.

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