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Jennifer Lawrence was disappointed in the movie “Ghost thread” after the first three minutes

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence said she was disappointed in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “The Phantom thread” – one of the main contenders for the “Oscar-2018”. According to the actress, she turned off the film three minutes after the start.

I stood for three minutes. Honest three minutes. I’m sorry for everyone who liked this movie. For more I was not enough. Is this movie just about clothes? The character of Daniel D’y Lewis Reynolds Woodcock, like a narcissistic sociopath – the girls fall in love with him, because the designer makes them feel bad about themselves. And this is a love story? I have not seen the film to the end, so I do not know. He’s a little narcissistic. I went through it, I know what it is, so I do not need to watch this movie.

Jennifer Lawrence
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