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In the US, a colleague of the Central Clinical Hospital, who studied Ebola and Zik viruses, disappeared.

On February 12, in Georgia, Timothy Cunningham, a leading member of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), disappeared in the emergency response service, such as hurricanes and outbreaks of viruses from Zik and Ebola. On the day of disappearance, he left work after complaints of malaise – since then nothing is known about him.

Cunningham’s relatives offer 10 thousand dollars for any information about the loss. In social networks have already begun to build the theory that the deadly viruses in Atlanta laboratories and the illness of an employee of the CCH are linked.

He worked with the viruses of Zek and Ebola

35-year-old Timothy Cunningham received a master’s and doctoral degrees at Harvard, after which he began working at the Atlanta Central Office. The organization’s website states that during his career he was “sent” to the points where the viruses of Zik and Ebola were raging. It is not known how closely he studied the diseases, but, according to NBC, he was an officer of epidemiological intelligence.

Photo from the CDC website

It is in the Atlanta CTC laboratory that some deadly viruses are stored and studied, including smallpox and Ebola viruses. In 2014, one of the employees of the laboratory was exposed to the latter because of an error . According to friends and relatives, Cunningham worked primarily in the office and did not visit the laboratory.

Cunningham was appreciated in the CCH: staff called him “a respected member of the team,” and in July 2017 he was promoted to the commander of the US Public Health Service. In 2017, The Atlanta Business Chronicle included an American in the list of 40 outstanding people under 40.

Before disappearing, he said that he was ill

On February 12, on Monday, Cunningham went to work in the CCH, but left the office a few hours before the end of the working day. Before leaving, he told his colleagues that he did not feel well and would work from home.

On February 14, the family of the CKZ employee came to check the family – he did not answer calls and messages. They found a parked car and a closed apartment with two open windows: Cunningham usually did not open the window, because he was “environmentally conscious.” The father of the missing found a wallet, keys, a credit card and a smartphone. Cunningham also left his dog at home, although, according to relatives, he would not have left her for a few days.

Before the disappearance, he spoke strangely with his family

The 27-year-old sister of the missing Tiara Cunningham is the last of the relatives who communicated with him before the disappearance. According to her, they were close friends and communicated almost every day. On February 12, before the work, Timothy called his sister and talked “like he was not himself.” He ended the conversation with the usual phrase: “I love you, let’s get back to you later.”

Later, Tiara wrote several messages to her brother, but he did not answer. Then she told the family that it is worth checking the house of the employee of the Central Control Center.

I feel like I’m in a bad episode of the Black Mirror. I seem to be lost without him, to be honest.

Tiara Cunningham
sister of the missing

Timothy Cunningham’s father also noted that his last conversation with his son was strange because of the tone and “not quite normal communication.”

For information about the missing offer 10 thousand dollars

The Atlanta police started searching for Cunningham, but in two weeks it did not advance in this. An American is searched with the help of search groups, leaflets and appeals in social networks. They were joined by graduates of the university, who graduated from Timothy. The police checked the house of the employee of the Central Control Center, but did not find any clues pointing to the kidnapping.


This is our friend and colleague, Dr. Tim Cunningham. He works at the @CDCgov He is missing. This makes no sense. He left his phone, keys, wallet and dog behind. This is not like him at all. Are you in ? Please help locate him. 

MISSING: Atlanta police ask for help finding 35-year-old man

The Atlanta Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance finding a missing 35-year-old man.

“This is our friend and colleague, Dr. Tim Cunningham. He works at the CCH. He has gone. It does not make sense. He left the phone, keys, wallet and dog. It’s not like him. Are you in Atlanta? Help me find it »

Relatives of the disappeared teamed with the organization Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta – together they offered 10 thousand dollars for help with searches. By February 26, Cunningham’s relatives received more than $ 20,000 to search for users of the GoFundMe crawlingfund platform.

Theories and fakes appeared around the disappearance

In two weeks since the disappearance of Cunningham, CDC limited itself to the statement that “all the thoughts” of the organization’s employees are now with friends and the missing family. Neither the Center, nor relatives, nor the media linked the incident to work on dangerous viruses.

However, the disappearance of Cunningham has already become a topic for fake news. On February 22, a satirical site YourNewsWire stated that the 35-year-old American, on condition of anonymity, told them about a deadly drug that is masked for flu shots. Cunningham allegedly feared for his life and asked the publication of fake news to reveal everything, if something happened to him.

Theories began to be built in social networks.

[comment on GoFundMe] “Pleas? Really? He is a doctor in the CDC, he fell ill, and then disappeared. This is not very good news. What exactly did Cunningham do in the CCH? “

“Sounds serious. The CDC should provide answers. Chief: how could he get infected? ”

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