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“I have never had bitcoins”: 50 Cent denied that he had made a fortune thanks to the crypto currency

50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) told the court that he never owned a single bitcoin and did not receive payment in a crypto currency for his album Animal Ambition. This is stated in the documents about the bankruptcy of the musician, who were at the disposal of The Blast .

In documents for the court, the rapper accused the media of “false statements” that he earned $ 8 million in bitcoins, which allegedly were not mentioned during the examination of his bankruptcy case.

The rapper explained that he did not refute the press information about his wealth, because usually “does nothing if the material does not harm his image or brand.” 50 Cent noted that this is “particularly relevant” when he feels the positive impact of materials on his image. Those 400 thousand dollars in bitcoins, which the musician received for sales of his album, were allegedly cashed by a third party before the rapper or his representatives could get a crypto currency.

On January 24, the tabloid TMZ reported that the bankrupt 50 Cent became rich again, because in 2014, he received a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the album in bitcoins. He allegedly forgot about them for several years and cashed them only now, earning $ 8 million.

The musician did not officially comment on this information, but indirectly confirmed its reliability in social networks. In Instagram, he admitted that he simply forgot about his purse, and wrote that to earn so much money – “not bad for a kid from the South side.” Now these publications have been deleted.

It is not known whether 50 Cent lied in court or earlier in social networks. Representatives of 50 Cent were not available for comment.

50 Cent announced bankruptcy in 2015: its debts were from 10 to 50 million dollars. At the same time in social networks, he continued to conform to the image of the rich man and constantly published photographs of jewelry and expensive equipment. In court, the rapper said that he rented cars and jewelry, and was photographed with counterfeit bundles of money.

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