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Forbes: the contractor of the American government has found a way to hack almost all Apple devices on iOS

Israeli company Cellebrite was able to bypass the protection of iOS 11 and now can hack almost all iOS-devices. This was reported by Forbes magazine with reference to anonymous sources in law enforcement agencies and special services.

According to the publication, Cellebrite can hack all iOS devices, from iOS 5 to iOS 11, including the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. The company did not announce its achievements openly, but promotes them among clients: intelligence agencies, government organizations and private detectives. Also about hacking iOS-devices mentioned in the promotional materials on the site Cellebrite.

In Forbes noted that most likely in November 2017, the US Department of Homeland Security was able to crack the iPhone X precisely thanks to Cellebrite technology. The smartphone was held in the case of the arms trade as evidence. How it was possible to bypass protection of the device, it is not known: if the suspect used only Face ID without a digital password, investigators could simply point the smartphone at his face to unlock.

The source of the publication in the police confirmed that the Israeli company can also hack the iPhone 8, although it usually lagged behind Apple slightly. For example, in 2016, when Cellebrite announced the successful hacking of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple had already released the iPhone 7.

To hack an iOS device, police or special services must send it to Cellebrite. Bypass protection of one device will cost about 1.5 thousand dollars. After the end of the procedure, the unlocked smartphone will be sent back to the customer. As explained by Forbes partner private detective firm Don Wilfer, Cellebrite could sell its tool directly to customers in the form of a program, but then Apple could quickly close the vulnerability. The journalists applied for comments to Apple and Cellebrite, but they did not receive an answer.

As noted by the publication Gizmodo, it is not clear which version of iOS 11 the Israeli company hacked: in advertising it is not indicated. In December 2017, Google published an exploit for version 11.1.2, but in the next version of the system the vulnerability was closed. It’s possible that this is the same way to bypass protection, and those who use the current version of iOS have nothing to worry about.

iOS 11 was released in September 2017. Competitor Cellebrite, the company Elcomsoft, said that Apple did everything to experts it was harder to hack the iPhone.

In 2015, when the FBI had to crack the blocked iphone arrow from San Bernardino, Apple refused to help the department bypassing the defense. As a result, investigators turned to unknown contractors who discovered an unknown vulnerability in iOS and paid nearly $ 1 million to unlock the smartphone.



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