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Bicycle rental service Gobee left France because of their “mass destruction”

The Hong Kong service Gobee announced that it is leaving France after a statement about the “mass destruction” of its bicycle park. The company had 2,000 vehicles in Paris and 150,000 vehicles throughout the country. However, 3,4 thousand of them are damaged, and a thousand more are stolen. The startups noted that in January 2018, the “mass destruction” of the bicycle park of the service turned into a new entertainment for teenagers.

Gobee provided bicycles for hire without having to put them in special “docks”: it was enough to go to the free one and “unlock” it through the application. In theory, this was supposed to make bicycle rental more convenient, but instead the company was faced with the problem of vandalism and thefts around the world.

In 2017, Australia found 42 company bicycles floating in the river. Some customers at the end of the trip throw their bicycles on the trees.

In January 2018, Gobee said that it would leave the Belgian market because of vandalism. According to company representatives, people began to cause so much damage that the service can no longer fight it.

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