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Batteries Tesla Powerwall helped to cope with the heat in Hawaiian schools

Tesla installed about 300 Power Power batteries together with solar panels in Hawaii to solve the problem of cooling schools. In February, the air temperature on the island rises to 30 degrees Celsius and without air conditioning in the rooms it becomes impossible to deal with.

Local authorities have demanded that a thousand additional cabinets be provided with cooling without increasing energy consumption. Then the Department of Education of Hawaii turned to Tesla for help. The company’s engineers installed solar panels and Powerwall batteries, which store the accumulated energy. The training classes began to cool off due to renewable energy.

Tesla is not the first to help solve energy problems. In August 2017, the company placed the batteries on one of the Hawaiian islands and began to provide it with energy at night. In the fall of 2017, the company provided free solar panels and a Powerwall hospital in Puerto Rico, which survived the hurricane Maria and was partially de-energized.

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