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A needle roll through the glass was shown in a slow motion video

Video bloggers from the team Slow Mo Guys once again decided to test the ability of Shaolin monks to do what ordinary people can not do. This time it was about throwing a needle through the glass – for the experiment were invited three monks who demonstrated the potential of the human body and spirit.

According to one of the monks, to achieve this level of skill in needle rolls, long training is required – ten years is enough. The incident was filmed using a special camera. Thanks to her you can see that the flying object does not actually fly through the glass, but it punches in it a rather impressive hole.

The facilitators try to repeat the trick. They manage it only partially.

It is worth noting that such videos appear regularly enough, and monks demonstrate a different degree of preparation.

Even the “Destroyers of Legends” checked whether this is possible (true, the baseball player made a throw):

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