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On the passenger plane, a power bank caught fire

In the hand luggage of one of the passengers of China Southern Airlines, the power bank has caught fire, informs . The incident happened when the plane was still on the ground: there was a landing of passengers.

The power bank caught fire in the overhead bin of flight CZ3539, while passengers were boarding. (Photo: Weibo)

Powerbank burned with open flames, but it was quickly extinguished with water. It is reported that as a result of the accident no one was hurt. Flight Guangzhou – Shanghai was detained for three hours, because I had to prepare another liner. According to preliminary data, Power Bank was at rest: it did not charge the gadget.


Also, sometimes there are battery fires in smartphones, and several such incidents occurred when the aircraft was already in the air. Usually everything ends well.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) prohibits the transportation of smartphones, laptops, power banks and other devices with lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries for baggage storage, but their transportation in hand luggage is allowed.

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