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Microsoft returned the sale of smartphones Lumia 2015. Why – not clear

Microsoft again began selling smartphones on the Lumia line on its website. The devices became available for purchase as early as February 4, but users noticed this only now.

The company sells unlocked versions of the Lumia 950 XL, 950, 650 and 550. On the top model 950 XL, Microsoft slightly lowered the price – up to $ 500 (about 27 thousand rubles) instead of $ 650 for which it was sold in 2015. Prices for the remaining models remained the same: 950 will cost $ 400 or , 650 costs $ 200 , and for 550 ask 140 dollars or 8 thousand rubles.

In Russia, devices through the official Microsoft website are unavailable, but similar models can be much cheaper to buy on Aliexpress or in regular stores.

It is not known why Microsoft returned the old smartphones for sale. As suggested by the publication Gizmodo, the company wants to show that it has not abandoned its mobile line after recently disconnected push notifications on devices with Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0 and refused to support them. Perhaps this means that smartphones on Windows 10 will continue to update.

However, the company can simply sell the stale remnants of smartphones from the warehouse. Gizmodo asked for a Microsoft comment, but did not receive an operational response.

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