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In the US police for six months received 1600 calls from devices from the Apple Service Center

The US police have faced massive false calls from Apple devices that are being repaired at a service center in California. Since October 2017, police have received about 1600 random calls and continue to respond about 20 calls per day. Dispatchers hear the silence or talk of the employees of the service center.

In a conversation with the local television station CBS 13, police noted that false calls can greatly affect the work of emergency services. In the event of an emergency, the dispatcher may miss a really important call due to an incoming call from the service center.

Apple representatives said they are already working with the police to sort out the situation and stop random calls. The company did not say which devices cause problems, but both the iPhone and Apple Watch are equipped with a special SOS mode , which automatically rings in 911 when several buttons are pressed.

Perhaps the emergency mode is activated due to repair. As one TJ reader Arthur Darpinyan, associated with the repair of the iPhone, suggested, when installing new top loops with a speaker or a wizard display, it is usually checked with SOS mode because they do not have access to the smartphone.

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